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9/6/0811:48 AM

I'm trying to hide my Dragcave Guide from Google... we'll see how that goes xD Other than that... not much else is new. I'm going to try to keep the Guide secret from now on... Hopefully it will cut back on the emails I keep getting about it >.<

8/1/088:46 PM

I think it's time I actually started working on my poor website... you know, hatching those adoptables that have been stagnant for well over a year and stuff? xD *whistles innocently*

8/10/079:11 PM

Okay, so it's been forever since I updated! I just thought I'd post to say that I'm still brainstorming ideas for the site AND I'd like to wish it a happy first birthday as of the 8th! Can you believe it's already been around for a year? Here's to many years to come!! :D

6/12/078:20 PM

I've just added a Comics Section!! Right now it just houses all of my Neopets comics and an older Harry Potter Collaboration comic that I did with three friends.

3/15/0712:11 AM

Total revamp for the Fanart section!! I also uploaded all of Ainad's fanart (that's like.. over 115 of them!). You can now browse the fanart by year, artist, or subject. Sweet, huh? I also added some pixel art up for 2003, 2004, and 2005 :) And, ALL of Ainad's images have finally been uploaded spanning from 2003 to 2006. Go have a look!

3/11/079:59 PM

I changed around this main page a little!! Mainly moving my Boingdragon Counter outside of the blog and adding in a link for the Site Map. I also added some fanarts (therefore creating a bunch of Character Fanart pages o___O) So yeah, that's what we've got for today!

3/11/0712:28 AM

(it may be 1:28... I'm not sure whether daylight savings happens at midnight or one! Oi, so confusing!!) Anyways, the Tutorials Page is now up! There are only two of them on it now, but I'll be adding the other few probably sometime this week :) Unfortunately, the older ones are all images so they may be a little bit slower to load :(

3/4/072:27 AM

I am pleased to announce that the Dolls Section of the site is finally up and running!! I've had them drawn forever, I just needed to get the page coded xD There aren't any clothes yet... but we have some naked people and scribbly backgrounds!! Give me suggestions for cool clothes for them, okay? xD

2/28/079:38 PM

I just added six characters to the Characters page!! That means Grover, Igan, Lian, Sirius, Tiri, and Zy are all up now! I'm only still missing a few (plus some who I've never drawn e___e) so we'll see how that goes. My goal now is to make them all a pixel size-chart! omg that'll take forever!! :D

2/20/0712:14 AM

Okay, I've officially really come a long way with site updates!! So many that I keep forgetting to include them written here, so I forget about them lawl. Anyways, the main ones are that I've added a "Freebies" page and I've fixed up a lot of the character pages - a few of them (Ainad, Aire, and Drev) have a lot of their stories up. Putting up stories and the rest of my fanfiction is really proving to be a bugger just because I have to format all of them to HTML :( Of course that probably means I'll miss italics and blah blah. It's a slow process, but we're getting there!!

2/11/073:11 PM

Okay, I made quick little pages for the pets that I had in my Characters dropdown!! It's not much, but that should mean that there won't be any more broken links on the entire site!!! Of course, if you do notice one, please let me know! xD

2/10/0712:29 AM

Started teaching myself PHP :) You can see it on most of the basic pages now - I've also added several new pages with general content-type stuff. Doesn't it look sweet?? I'll keep working on it and hopefully get all of the gruesome details ironed out within the next few days :)

1/28/0710:02 PM

OKAY, while I get things sorted out, I'll probably be figuring out a new layout for my pages with the help of a friend of mine who actually understands PHP. (Rose is a total n00b on that subject...). If pages don't work or end up looking funny for a while, that's why... don't freak out, I'll fix it eventually :)

1/16/0711:19 PM

I added the link to my blog right above this text box and also made a lot of changes to the Art Gallery part of the site. I was having some trouble since Coppermine seems to like re-naming the file path of every image in an album once you upload a new one... so I'll just put them in albums by date and try to keep them organized the best I can x) I've also done a lot of work to Lani's Page and blog. Like my new "petpage" format? ;)

1/15/0712:54 AM

Whew... it's about time I started really working on the site again! Anyways, I now have a blog here for more personal/fun entries, I guess? I'll probably still leave this space for normal updates x) The new blogs will also be the center to pages for certain characters! I've got a start with Brenda's, observe... Pretty sweet, huh??

11/30/069:15 PM

I've decided to bump the Evolving Adoptables to once a season on the Equinox or first day of a season... so the current eggs will evolve on December 21 :) I also added a few characters to that page and added a few Adoptables. w00t! JOIN THE FORUM!! :D

11/12/067:20 PM

Okay, so I haven't updated anything in a long time :( I also realized that I've been forgetting to hatch the Evolving Adopts!! AIIIIEE! I'll fix that tonight by back-evolving all of them and starting the new set. BUT I'm going to set my PDA to remind me to evolve them every month so this shouldn't happen again :) I 'sploded the forums and made new ones. Check it out! And omg I finally figured out how to make emails xD Aiiiiieeeee!

9/23/0611:45 PM

Yay Un-birthday :D I've added an Adoptables page with Eyries and OMGDOGSQUIRRELSOMG! I have Brenda's and Simon's first set done, I just need to Neofy and non-Neofy them to add them to the page... Oi, it's kind of a headache. Darn Neo for not allowing normal links...

9/18/0611:11 AM

I've added a gallery that I am currently working on... I'd like to have all of my pictures up there so that the thumbnails on my other pages will just link to that picture in the gallery! Unfortunately, I think the picture's address might change as I upload other things... so we'll try it out and see what happens. I have a loooot more to go on uploads, though. I haven't even touched all of the Neopets art :x

9/14/066:25 PM

I finished a few art pages for today (at least the thumbnails!) and I've got the "art" side of Albert's stuff at least semi-functional. Writing side still needs something there, but at least we have part of it!! Maybe the I can do a little more tomorrow, too. I also threw the "Content" and "Other" pages on the default layout so they aren't just raw HTML anymore :)

9/10/069:56 PM

I finished an Albert Flash (seen on DA) and now have him guarding the Art/Stories Page! Woot woot! The following links from Albert aren't working yet, but I'll see if I can't get them up in study breaks :)

9/6/069:28 PM

More changes to the map! Just two more to zoom in, but I'm still missing names. I think what I might just do is name them all something lame like "Frozen Islands" and then name them in depth from there? Anyways, that's what we have so far xD I've also added the sound to Aire's page on the Character Database! Will add more once she's back upstairs with her mic x)

9/5/0610:37 PM

Made a few changes to the map... nothing supermajor, I just decided that I should probably have the bullets mean general places, and then specify them in the text box! Of course this means I won't put cute little faces next to the buttons anymore :( If anyone has an idea of how I can use the face buttons again, just let me know xD Oh, and it has a background now :D I'll need a place for Zy's space station/ship/moon/ all three! I'm also working on adding "pronunciations" to each of the character pages on the database x) Ainad's is first :o

9/4/068:58 PM

Brenda has been added to the Character Directory :D We've also dolled up the "World" page with a OMGINTERACTIVEMAP (Ainad's is the only one working right now ^^;) and a link to the Evolving Adoptables kept there and handy! I've noticed that most random people find my site looking for "neopets egg adoptables" so... xD *better keep it visible!*

8/31/0611:32 PM

I've changed the top toolbar and content page layout!! We now have a cute Rose sidebar! :D Also, Cazal has been added to the Character Directory :)

8/29/0610:46 PM

Errr xO This year will probably be pretty taxing on me... school's already making me super nervous and it's only my second day! D: But anyways, I've now got Alan, Aire, Almor, and Bennie on the Character Database. I also have a nicer sidebar image all drawn up - all I have to do is find the time to color it... xD; So yeah. That's all for tonight...


Been keeping way busy with the RA check-ins and stuff... BUT I did manage to add the "About" page (and make a... basic page layout? I dunno, it'll probably change). I also added a start on the Characters page with the Flash I had in mind xD It's kind of like a Pokedex (or how I envisioned one) and it will be able to cycle through each of my characters, supplying basic information on them and links to their "Stuff". So far it's just Ainad and it's just her stats and links to her Petpage, Webpage (will put that up... eventually) and her ref. Any suggestions on what I should include in that and whatnot, just let me know! I've also changed the homepage icon to my profile - because I like it better :o


Added a new set of emotes for the forum, introducing Cerebe the owl - who's like... someone involved in my Magi Order x) (will be explained eventually....ish) Also added a chat using Gabbly. It's pretty simple for now, but I'll pretty it up later... or something :o


OMG IT WORKS!!! I never would have got it if Frontpage hadn't been so graciously donated to me by one of my fellow RAs xD MY SITE IS SO COMING ALONNNNG! I will be working on the side links now as they are all kind of... just linking to either a blank or 404 page right now. I'm also working on pixel dolls (which I will probably upload to DA later on tonight... along with my pretty new working blog!!!11 But yes. It works. I am now a happy squirrel :)

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